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 If we need additional info or have questions, we will contact you.


 Upon completion of your your spokesperson video, we will send you a snippet of code (safe & virus free) for you to embed on your webpage.


 You can then see and listen to your spokesperson and approve it or send changes you would like done.


 We will make all possible changes and upon your approval and you can keep the Spokesperson video on your website for 30-days FREE.


 If after 30-days, you would like to keep the Spokes person video, we will then send you an invoice from PayPal based on the Pricing Table below. We will continue to do unlimited revisions as long as your account is in good standing.


 If you don’t have a PayPal account, we accept all major credit cards.



Up To 500 Characters

$30/Mo $15 / Mo.

1 Spokesperson Video.

Unlimited Revisions

Up To 1,000 Characters

$39/Mo $19 / Mo.

1 Spokesperson Video.

Unlimited Revisions

Up To 1,500 Characters

$50/Mo $25 / Mo.

1 Spokesperson Video.

Unlimited Revisions

Up To 2,000 Characters

$58/Mo $29 / Mo.

1 Spokesperson Video.

Unlimited Revisions


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